Nicole Roberts & Mobility Assist Dog "Hope"

The Capital Campaign for Independence is a multi-year fundraising effort separate from general operations donations to Can Do Canines. A capital campaign exclusively funds the efforts focused on the brick and mortar that houses the organization so they can meet and exceed their mission for years to come. The Campaign for Independence was developed to purchase land, renovate and customize an existing building for the needs of this dynamic and growing organization.
A campaign of this size requires the commitment of all stakeholders and beyond. To date Can Do Canines has been fortunate to have support from leadership, corporations, and foundations, past contributors, volunteers, and staff.
When the campaign began it was divided into three phases with a goal of raising $4.4 million.

Phase I of the campaign began in 2008 with the selection and purchase of a 25,000 square-foot office and warehouse facility on 4 acres of property. About 60% of the facility was renovated and the first bank of dog kennels was constructed. During the first year of the campaign, more than 40% of the goal was reached through leadership gifts. 

Phase II of the campaign began in 2010. The construction completed in this phase allowed Can Do Canines to expand staff and programming spaces. Phase II construction was completed during 2011 and 2012 and includes a second bank of dog kennels, completion of a caretaker apartment and overnight room, completion of the remaining office space and volunteer center, completing the outdoor renovation of the building and the addition of a more accessible parking lot and front entrance. Phase II concluded with additional pledge commitments that will pay off our mortgage by 2017, securing the future of the organization.

Phase III is focused on the goal of raising the final $625,000 by the conclusion of the campaign on December 31, 2013. Funds raised in this phase will be used for program enhancements, infrastructure improvements and to rebuild our operating reserve. It will ensure that we use our wonderful new building to its full potential, resulting in reduced wait times for people in need of an assistance dog, and a more sustainable organizational structure.